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Halogen Transformers and Led Converters by Lightech
AC and DC, 12V or 24 Volts, 120V, 230V and 277 Volts

GE/Lightech 120V/12V Electronic Transformers for Halogen

Products: 120V-12V AC | 120V-24V AC | 120V-12V DC | 240V-12V AC | 277V-12V AC | 12V-24V DC | LED DRIVERS
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<b>LET 60 Class2 (12V/60W)</b>  GE(66937) <br>Lightech sku:901060010
LET 60 Class2 (12V/60W) GE(66937)
Lightech sku:901060010

<b>LET 60 LW Low Wattage Start (12V/60W)</b> GE(66938) <br>Lightech sku:901060010LW
LET 60 LW Low Wattage Start (12V/60W) GE(66938)
Lightech sku:901060010LW

<b>LET 60 DL Class 2 Dimming Loop (12V/60W) </b>GE(66939)<br>Lightech sku:901060012DL
LET 60 DL Class 2 Dimming Loop (12V/60W) GE(66939)
Lightech sku:901060012DL

<b>LET 60G Class2 Ground Wire (12V/60W)</b> GE(66943) <br>Lightech  sku:901060032
LET 60G Class2 Ground Wire (12V/60W) GE(66943)
Lightech sku:901060032

<b>LVT 60 (12V/60W) Enclosure</b> GE(66963)<br>Lightech sku:901060052
LVT 60 (12V/60W) Enclosure GE(66963)
Lightech sku:901060052

<b>LRT60 Class2 Plug-in (12V/60W)</b> GE(66962) Discontinued
LRT60 Class2 Plug-in (12V/60W) GE(66962) Discontinued

<b>LRT-60 CL<BR>Plug-in (12V/60W)</b> by Lightech Discontinued
Plug-in (12V/60W)
by Lightech Discontinued

<b>LET 75 AC (12V/75W)</b> GE(66945)<br>Lightech sku:901075000
LET 75 AC (12V/75W) GE(66945)
Lightech sku:901075000

<b>LET 75 GW Ground Wire (12V/75W)</b> GE(66947)<br>Lightech sku:901075030
LET 75 GW Ground Wire (12V/75W) GE(66947)
Lightech sku:901075030

<b>LET 75BF Bottom Feed (12V/75W)</b> GE(66946)<br>Lightech sku:901075005A
LET 75BF Bottom Feed (12V/75W) GE(66946)
Lightech sku:901075005A

<b>LET-75 L (12V/75W)</b> sku:901075000L by Lightech Discontinued
LET-75 L (12V/75W) sku:901075000L by Lightech Discontinued

<b>LET75LBF Bottom Feed (12V/75W)</b> sku:901075000LBF by Lightech Discontinued
LET75LBF Bottom Feed (12V/75W) sku:901075000LBF by Lightech Discontinued

<b>LET 105 AC(12V/105W)</b> GE(66956)<br>Lightech sku:901105012
LET 105 AC(12V/105W) GE(66956)
Lightech sku:901105012

<b>LET151R (12V/150W)</b> GE(66958)<br>Lightech sku:901151012
LET151R (12V/150W) GE(66958)
Lightech sku:901151012

<b>LET151BF Bottom Feed (12V/150W)</b> GE(66957)<br>Lightech sku:901151005
LET151BF Bottom Feed (12V/150W) GE(66957)
Lightech sku:901151005

<b>LVT 151 AC (12V/150W)</b> GE(66969)<br> Lightech sku:901151050
LVT 151 AC (12V/150W) GE(66969)
Lightech sku:901151050

<b>LET 201 AC(12V/200W)</b> GE(66960)<br>Lightech  sku:901201012
LET 201 AC(12V/200W) GE(66960)
Lightech sku:901201012

REPLACEMENT FOR <b>LET 301 AC (12V300W)</b> GE(66973)<br>Lightech  sku:901301000A
REPLACEMENT FOR LET 301 AC (12V300W) GE(66973)
Lightech sku:901301000A

<b>LET 303 AC (12V/300W)</b> GE(66975)<br>Lightech sku:901303000A
LET 303 AC (12V/300W) GE(66975)
Lightech sku:901303000A

<b>LVT 303 AC (12V/300W)</b> GE(66979)<br>Lightech  sku:901303070A
LVT 303 AC (12V/300W) GE(66979)
Lightech sku:901303070A

<b>LRT-363 AC (12V/300W)</b> GE(66978)<br>Lightech sku:901363040
LRT-363 AC (12V/300W) GE(66978)
Lightech sku:901363040

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